Volunteer in Morocco

        Learn Arabic and perfect it through volunteering in Marrakech.

Morocco’s proximity to Europe offers easy mobility for international volunteering in Marrakech. A great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn Arabic and learn more about this culture.

Achieving its linguistic ambitions in less than 3 hours from the European continent is now possible. Come discover a thousand-year-old language and a rich cultural heritage; Marrakech city refuge of Andalusian, Jewish and Muslim, since the 15th century.

The Arabic language is also that of the Muslim civilization; an indispensable tool to deepen your knowledge of the history and sociology of a religion shared by more than 2 billion people on the planet.

It is in the thousand year old city of Marrakech that the Lessane Arabi Center offers you the possibility of combining its academic program with volunteering for a successful immersion.

You can benefit a scholarship from your university if you opt for a study of the language accompanied by a volunteering service abroad. This formula is approved by a large number of faculties in Europe and the United States. It is an undoubted added value, especially if you are a Master student. We will be pleased to issue you a training certificate, recognized by our partner universities.

The Lessane Arabi Center also offers a complete program for your professional projects. This program allows you to quickly assimilate the most common Arabic expressions for efficiency in your daily work.

The volunteering in Morocco offered by Lessane Arabi Center is above all a social contribution for the poor. The partner organizations of our program are all recognized by the local authorities as being of public utility. The Lessane Arabi Center team is convinced that it is by sharing its experience that new skills are acquired.

Volunteer in morocco, can reserve a room above the center. The reservation is made by simple email. We will give you the brochure in PDF format for more details.

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