Attendance & Participation

Students are required to attend and participate in class. Participation means being an engaged student: asking and answering questions, not simply attending class.

The use of cell phones and audio players is prohibited during class. If you must take a phone call, please leave the classroom immediately and do not return until you have ended the phone call.

The use of a laptop computer is permitted during class only for the purpose of taking notes. Use of a laptop for other activities will result in 0 credits for your daily Attendance & Participation grade.

Homework assignments

Reading and writing assignments must be completed before class.

You are responsible for the material in all assignments, in case of absence.

Failure to submit the homework assignments will decrease the student’s overall homework grade.

Final Term test (see course program below for date)

The final test is comprehensive and will cover material from the entire course, including readings, lectures, assignments, grammar and any extra vocabulary given during class.

The final test must be taken during its scheduled class time. Make-up final exams will not be administered unless exceptional circumstances have been discussed with the instructor at least one week advance of the exam date and/or other arrangements have been made.


For every one  hour half  of studying there is a 10 minutes of break.

For two hour class, the break will be taken after 20minutes of break.

For three hour class, the break will be taken after 1& 1/2 hour of the class period.


Morocco has many of official holidays that might fall during the term, however, Lessane only closes during the major holidays. The Lessane  administration will inform the students in advance through the teachers and notes on the announcement board of any holidays. All courses missed due to holidays will be rescheduled at the end of the term.

Extra information

All students are required to sign, or agree to (if registering online), the Lessane Student Policy before being allowed to register for any Lessane class or private lesson.

Upon Registration tuition must be paid in full.

Tuition is non-refundable under any circumstances after the class has begun.

Refunds requested more than 10 days before the commencement are issued in cash.

If requested 10 days or less before the commencement a tuition credit usable for any Lessane class beginning within 3 months is issued.

Lessane  is not responsible for student visas issues or travel arrangements.

If a student misses class for any reason, that class will not be refunded or rescheduled.

If class period is canceled by Lessane Arabi Center  it will be made-up at the end of the term during the make-up week.

Class duration includes a 5min break for every one hour half  of class time.

Class starts exactly at the time stated in the schedule.  Tardiness counts for class time:  no extra time will be added to the end of classes.

Rude and disruptive behavior including: cursing, complaining, using a cell phone, and eating, is not permitted in class. Two warnings will be given before a student is expelled.  Tuition will not be refunded.

Political and religion  criticism is not permitted in class.

At Lessane Arabi Center  you are obliged to study and take learning the language seriously out of respect to your fellow students and your teachers.  Students who miss an excessive number of classes, and/or fail the term exam will have to retake the class.

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