Moroccan Colloqual Arabic

Study Arabic in morocco

Colloquial Moroccan Arabic is known as Darija in North Africa. Moroccan Darija has more simple grammar and much less vocabulary than Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Darija derives its unique nature from the dialects of the Fussha and Berber people, along with influence from the French and Spanish languages.

Study Arabic in Morocco in the Lessane Arabi Center, we encourage students to learn Darija using immersive and inclusive learning experiences. We take students to rural areas and markets, away from westernised and tourist areas where they can fully immerse in and use the language.

 Beginning  level 75 hours

Intermediate level 75 hours

Advanced level 75 hours

Each level (beginning, intermediate, advanced) can be complete through a course of study of 24 hours a month. Each takes approximately 75 hours to complete. As with the Modern Standard Arabic course, students can choose from a minimum of 2 weeks of this particular course, and either continue with the same or pursue Modern Standard Arabic.

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