Modern Standard Arabic, are the languages spoken in all Arab countries and their official institutions. It is one of the 6 official recognised languages of the United Nations.

In official contexts, communication, and the media, Modern Standard Arabic is used in both spoken and written communication.
We follow an established Arabic program, using the standard Al-Kitaab series and all européan programs as French,German,England.
This program is also followed in most North American universities.
Our teaching incorporates all four language skills: (reading, writing, listening and speaking). The program also focusses on grammar, and developing fluent conversation.
Students learn a range of vocabulary, from a variety of sources such as media, television, poetry, and Islamic literature.
Students that hope to continue their studies can benefit from tailor-made and customised lessons. For example, those who hope to go into business can follow modified curriculum to prepare them for the Arab world of business.

After graduating, students will have developed advanced language skills, and, along with their cultural volunteering, will be able to use it in the real world.

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