Learn Moroccan cuisine and Moroccan Arabic language “Darija”

Learn Moroccan cuisine and Moroccan Arabic language “Darija”

Lessane Arabi Center also provides Moroccan cooking courses on its premises. Beyond the teaching of Darija (Moroccan Arabic) or modern standard Arabic, the Center offers different cultural activities including Moroccan cooking classes.

If you are spending a holiday or a language study-stay in Marrakech or even if you are a resident, do not hesitate to deepen your knowledge of Moroccan culture in this 2-in-1 course.

The introduction to Moroccan cuisine will include the preparation and tasting of a Moroccan mint tea and one of the famous tajines (feel free to ask which one you would like to master!). You will learn the flavors and tips about “preparing a good tajine” as well as all the vocabulary and formulas needed to buy its ingredients.

This 2h30 workshop / course costs 330 DHS per person.

The required number of participates goes from 1 to 6.  After this ‘initiation’, you can always continue taking classes at the Center itself or through online courses, thus staying connected  with a millennial culture.

For any information, contact the manager Salim by phone at +212 6 96 19 81 43, or by email at “infolessane@gmail.com”.


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