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Colloquial Moroccan Arabic The Darija (CMA), also known as “3mia” in the middle east is the spoken dialect of Morocco and Maghreb.  CMA is grammatically simpler and has a less voluminous vocabulary than Modern Standard Arabic.  While most CMA  the Darija words find their root in MSA, many CMA words are borrowed from Spanish, French, and Berber.

Learn Arabic in Morocco at Lessane Arabi Center are taught according to an immersive methodology.  CMA the Darija courses can be taken in conjunction with MSA courses at Lessane Arabi, but it is important for students to approach the two courses as two separate languages, so as not to interfere with the correct understanding of either language.  Each CMA Level can be completed in 4 weeks and has a minimum of 75 contact hours mean 3 sessions.

 Beginning  level 80 hours

Intermediate level 80 hours

Advanced level 80 hours

As with MSA courses “Learn Arabic in Morocco”, students may choose to study CMA the Darija for any length of time (minimum two weeks), beginning a course at their level and then continuing as long as they wish.

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