Study arabic in morocco

We teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Moroccan Colloquial  Arabic that is used and understood by most Arab nationals and Maghreb. Our courses expose students to a variety of expressions and choices of vocabulary used in different Arab countries with the understanding that as from Morocco to UAE residents, students meet Arabs from all over the Arab World.

The books are AL KITAB FII TA ALARABIYA by Georges Town University press and Manuel d’Arabe Moderne.
Arabic for All ” Kitab Bayna Yadak”


Students taking semi-intensive courses take standard MSA core courses with 15 hours per week of in-class instruction time. ( Minimum 3 students)


Students taking intensive courses take both a standard MSA core course and Formal spoken Arabic course concurrently for a total of 20 hours per week of classroom instruction time. ( Minimum 3 students )

Annual Inscription 280 Dirham (Dhs)- 25 Dhs from this will be donated to our partner “Association Dar Bouidiar”


Classical Arabic Classes:

We offer Classical Arabic classes Monday to Friday, and even Saturday in some cases.

5 sessions, 15 hours per week, 60 hours per month of “Classical Arabic for only 1500 Dhs/ 145€.

These formulas and prices are reserved exclusively for classical Arabic.


Moroccan Arabic “Darija” Classes:

Schedules and days will be defined by the center.

2 sessions, 4 hours per week either 24 hours in 6 weeks for only 1300 Dhs.

3 sessions a week, 2 hours each session,  for 4 weeks equal a total of 24 hours of instruction. Cost 1500Dhs.

Minimum of 3 students to start the session for ( Classical-Fussha and Darija), on this price otherwise contact Lessane arabi.

Customized formulas can be offered after a diagnosis of needs, and a quote will be drawn up.

          Students may register for a minimum of 1 weeks and up to  44 weeks of study.                                           


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102, Arset sbai , Gueliz, Marrakesh
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Phone: +212 696-198-143
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