Learn Arabic for kids

Teach Children Arabic

Arabic, that  will become one of the world’s most important languages in the future, is also the eternal language of Islam.

Our Specialized Courses  offer an extraordinary opportunity  to  all those parents who wish their  children to become  knowledgeable in   Arabic.

Arabic is neglected by several educational systems.

Lessane Arabi Center is glad to respond to this   need with its Courses aimed at teaching the language to  non-Arabic speaking children, whether in the Center itself,  located in the centre of Marrakech, or via  Skype  through  “online” courses.

The methods and materials come exclusively from Europe and our staff is  trained in teaching Arabic to children and adults.

Our teachers are pedagogically trained in teaching children aged 6 years and older and  the maximum number of students per class is 4.

As with all extracurricular activities,  schedules will be flexible.  

Information about their children’s progress will be regularly provided to parents.

For any information, contact the management:

Salim at +212 6 96 19 81 43, or by email via “infolessane@gmail.com”.

Address: Adress: 102 Arset Sbai Semlalila, Marrakech 40000
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Contact: infolessane@gmail.com
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