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Lessane Arabi Center for Arabic Studies is an institution with a reputation for excellence in providing a comprehensive program
for the study of Arabic as a foreign language to students from around the world. Specializing in both Modern Standard
(MSA) and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA), Lessane Arabi Center’s intensive immersion courses give students
the opportunity
to learn the Arabic language rapidly and with greater retention.

MODERN STANDARD ARABIC PROGRAM Modern Standard refers to the standard literary and communicative language of the
Middle East and North Africa, recognized as one of the UN’s six official languages. It is the common medium for
all formal communication, both printed and spoken. And, as the official language of all Arab countries,
it provides
the most versatile tool for those interested in living or working
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MOROCCAN COLLOQUIAL ARABIC The Lessane Center for Language offers a number of courses in Colloquial Moroccan Arabic
(Darija). The duration of the program is minimum a month, which makes in ideal for travelers who want to learn
much as possible about the country in relatively short time. CMA courses at Lessane Center are taught according
an immersive methodology.
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DIPLOMAT | CORPORATE | GROUP STUDIES Although Lessane was created to complement the schedule of most US universities,
we recognize that the pace will not always offer an ideal fit in some regard for a number of students. Some will
want a more intensive concentration of hours, while others will want a complete emphasis on either the sciences
skills. Thankfully, because of the wide-ranging backgrounds
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